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Hi, coaches!

My world view is probably a little bit different than yours. You see, I’m not a trainer. I didn’t go to school for fitness. Frankly, I don’t really care much for things like mobility drills and symmetry issues. I look to you guys for help in that area.

What I do have is a high client success rate, in particular with those who have never been able to succeed before.

Most coaches view the act of “coaching” wrong. They view it as “wrestling.” You give your client some physiologically optimized macros and exercise routine, then yell at them when they don’t follow your plan.

In reality, coaching should be more like dancing. You need to lead and guide, but you also need to listen to your client. What good is the world’s best macros, physiologically speaking, if the client cannot hit them?

The other thing that I have to offer is that I’ve just had a buttload of clients. Really, I’ve had a hand in training a good 200+ people in one year alone, thanks to running Fitocracy Team Fitness. I love learning about other people’s client experiences and offering up some of my own insights.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s some stuff for you.

1. Skyrocket your client retention by using “activation.”
2. When it comes to weight loss, why you should keep your client full from the very start.
3. Some tips to help your clients stop binge eating.
4. Notes from training 200 people in one year.
5. Interpreting your clients’ scale measurements.
6. Training the overweight woman for fat loss.

That’s it for now. The articles are sort of disparate, but I’m planning on turning this into a resource that’s a lot more comprehensive in the near future.

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