The Dicktionary: A Glossary of Dickisms

If you’re having some trouble understanding me, don’t worry! This glossary of common Dickisms (Dictionary imo) should help you figure out what I’m saying:




meow Now I need you here right meow.
meow… (or meow!) Feeling of discontent I lost another e-cig. meow…
popsicle Article Did you see the popsicle I wrote yesterday?
grate Great Yes I did and that article was grate!
sank you Thank you Why sank you
herro Hello Why herro there!
tho Signifies a counter argument or a superior example. You: “I love Justin Bieber”
Me: “Zac Effron tho”
imo Proceeds an opinion, a fact, or a dickism. Proposed dickisms may also be fair game. Opinion – Deadlifts aren’t that grate imo.

Fact – Yeah, protein has 4 calories per gram imo.


Dickism – You: “Hey Dick, did you finish your article? Me: “Popsicle imo.”


Double Proposed Dickism

Dick: “Did you bring the silverware?”

Ali: “Civil war imo.”

Dick: “Shovel whore imo.”

lettuce beef air Let us be fair Lettuce beef air the Saints are grate
whore moan Hormone Leptin is the main whore moan driving your body’s settling point
ty Thank you ty imo
tea why ty tea why
nty No thank you nty
an tea why nty cardio? an tea why
here hear Can u here me meow imo?
right write I have to right a popsicle.
cloud Phone, computer, book, website or anything that relates to technology. Might also be an actual cloud. Ya I just programmed a cloud yesterday… wait sec I gotta turn off my cloud I can’t here you.
ovary acting Overreacting sank you for not ovary acting
goober You. Because you’re a goober. Omg you’re such a goober
Im drunk tho Really means tho. It’s an autocorrect after Dick’s goober sister messed with his cloud. Dick Test 1: “Yeah I’m ok Im drunk tho”

Dick Text 2: “Grrr I mean I’m ok tho”


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